Your library can continue to deliver books and materials to your patrons, 24/7, while maintaining social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. "No contact" service is here thanks to SmartAxess™ Library Systems.

SmartAxess™ Library Systems combine our ADA compliant, touchless electronic lockers with our touchpad, keypad, and/or card reader for an affordable solution to delivering books and materials to your patrons. 24/7, practically anywhere.

Our lockers are the industry’s only touchless, electronic lockers with 24” ground clearance, making them accessible to wheelchair patrons.

They are also uniquely engineered from the ground up to be robust, reliable, and able to continue to serve your patrons under any weather conditions. Lockers are high enough off the ground to stay clear of snow accumulation or rain backsplash.

Lockers are safe and easy to use, for both patrons and library staff. They are easy to clean and keep sanitized.

Our systems allow for restricted authorized self-service pick-up and drop-off of items with electronic chain of custody reporting, controlled 24/7 through remote, web-based management and monitoring software.

All of our systems, software, lockers, and components are designed, engineered and made right here in the USA and assembled in Michigan.

With SmartAxess Library Systems:

  • Offer a “new location anywhere” when budget won’t allow for new branch.
  • Provide patrons with self-service and extended hours, through secure access 24/7.
  • Maintain accurate inventory control and tracking, for more efficient operation.
  • Offer more patron access while minimizing staff investment.
  • Patrons can order their materials online to be delivered to the remote locker most convenient to them, with access via a multi-digit code or magnetic card.
  • Available in pass-thru and non-pass-thru configurations.