Protect your weapons, narcotics, and sensitive assets from being misplaced, lost, or stolen, with the most advanced biometric and electronically accessible locker, and gun storage systems available. With asset management/inventory control software and RFID tracking.

SmartGuard™ Secure Asset Control Systems are the most advanced solutions available today to guarantee the security, authorized access, and 24/7 control of your weapons, narcotics, and other sensitive assets.

Via BACS (Biometric Access Control System), SmartGuard biometric access eliminates codes, keys, cards, or combinations that can be stolen or compromised, through the use of proprietary, state-of-the-art failsafe eye scan and fingerprint identification.

SmartGuard systems and products include:

SmartGuard BACS ID Station

The heart of all SmartGuard Secure Asset Control Systems,
the BACS ID Station grants access via user password, biometric fingerprint reader, or iris scan. BACS also includes an RFID reader, and optional bar code scanner.

SmartGuard Weapons Inventory Management System (WIMS)

Weapon and other asset inventory can be tracked with uniquely designed RFID tags
affixed within the Picatinny rail mounting system of those weapons or assets. The RFID tags are compact in design and can to be used in metallic or polymer Picatinny rail systems. Tracking and inventory management is controlled via our WIMS Handheld RFID Reader, a touch-screen tablet utilizing our powerful BACS software.

SmartGuard Cabinet

Fully-adjustable, the SmartGuard cabinet stores up to 12 weapons of different length, plus other items such as ammunition, helmets, and clothing. All assets can be RFID tagged for continuous monitoring.

SmartGuard Electronic Access Locker

Like all SmartGuard storage solutions, our electronic lockers offer identity protected access via the BACS ID Station. These storage solutions can be configured for any application and need.

SmartGuard Electronic Evidence Locker

SmartGuard Key Cabinet

Provide the same, secure, authorized access and tracking of individual keys, our BACS unit provides to larger storage units and assets.

SmartGuard Hand Gun Safe

The SmartGuard Handgun Safe secures a single handgun in an easily accessible, convenient, and tamperproof underdesk mount. The safe is monitored, managed, and configured from a central BACS Kiosk.

SmartGuard SmartRail Gun Rack

Fully-adjustable and configurable to your armory’s needs, SmartGuard SmartRail system allows individual guns to be RFID tagged and access controlled through the BACS Kiosk.