The brainchild of Rick Crigger, a retired Police Lieutenant in charge of his departments’ armory 28 years, LEID Products was originally founded to assist police departments in securely storing and tracking weapons and valuable equipment. Early in his career, Rick experienced the frustration of waiting for someone to sign out equipment he needed. As his responsibilities grew, he also experienced the stress of missing assets and the time consuming search to track them down by sifting through piles of paperwork.

As his frustration mounted, he started brainstorming an alternative
procedure and came up with the idea of gun racks and storage lockers for
asset protection and control. He conducted extensive research in the field,
interviewing officers and department employees to identify what issues they
had with storing and checking in/out equipment and what functions and characteristics their ideal system would have.

Sam Hoff, president of Patti Engineering, and Rick met at a Rotary Club meeting while Rick was working on his prototypes; they discussed the system and Sam knew he and his engineering team would be able to develop the controls and software necessary to bring Rick’s invention to life. Thus, in 2006 LEID Products was born. Together, Rick and Sam produced the Biometric Access Control System (BACS) which is a patented and proven asset management system used in law enforcement departments throughout the country to securely store and track weapons and valuable equipment allowing for full accountability of armory assets.