The SmartGuard™ and SmartAxess™ Secure Asset Control Systems from LEID Products bring an entirely new level of 24/7 secure access, storage, control, and distribution to a wide range of small to large enterprises and organizations.

SmartGuard and SmartAxess Secure Asset Control Systems from LEID
Products, are the most advanced biometric and electronically accessible
locker, cabinet and gun storage systems available, providing built-in asset
management/inventory control software and RFID tracking.

SmartGuard storage systems are accessible through the BACS™ (Biometric
Access Control System) allowing fingerprint, iris or facial scanning for secure
access verification. SmartAxess systems, ideal for Libraries, Schools, and
Universities, combine our electronically accessible lockers to our
touchpad, keypad, and/or card reader for access verification.

Our systems allow for restricted authorized self-service pick-up and drop-off of items with electronic chain of custody reporting, controlled 24/7 through remote, web-based management and monitoring software.

Pass-thru and non-pass-thru SmartGuard and SmartAxess electronic cabinets/lockers are available in multiple size and configuration options.

The BACS and Systems are proven inventory control and asset management systems used to secure and track critical inventory including weapons, evidence, medical supplies/narcotics, sensitive corporate /government materials, and more. SmartGuard and SmartAxess secure asset control systems are the only storage systems that close the accountability loop by pairing biometric access with RFID asset tracking.

LEID Products is backed by the engineering and organizational strength as a division of Patti Engineering, Inc. Patti Engineering is a leading supplier of innovative automation and process improvement services for manufacturing.