• January 6, 2021
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LEID Products has been awarded a patent for an invention that will revolutionize the way firearms are inventoried and secured. The SmartGuard firearm accessory tag mounts easily on a firearm’s accessory rail, and gives an agency, unit, or collector the ability to rapid scan the firearm and track the asset against the agency’s data base. This clean, cost-effective methodology of asset tracking and inventory management will improve inventory accuracy, reduce manpower required, and improve security through tracking.

Why the SmartGuard Firearm Identification Tag is Unique

The use of RFID tags to issue, track, and sort firearms is not a new concept. However, the idea of imbedding such a tag into an accessory rail (rather than the firearm itself) is truly innovative, and attractive for a variety of reasons. RFID benefits can easily be added to any firearm, without the time, expense, and logistics of working directly with the gun’s manufacturer.

Most modern day pistols have little if any available space to locate an RFID tracking tag. By locating the tag in the Picatinny rail, the device is unobtrusive to any of the pistol’s mechanics. The tag’s unique design prevents it from interfering with any rail-mounted accessories such as lights or lasers that may also be required by the user. The location on the “working end” of the asset also makes is safe to wand across the RFID upon return. 

Because of its ease of mounting to an existing firearm, the SmartGuard Firearm Identification Tag presents new opportunities for firearm manufacturers to more cost-effectively offer this capability to its agency and government buyers.

Additional Features

• The extremely light-weight design does not impact shooting accuracy, and is barely noticeable to the user because of its precise fit to the mounting rail.

• The tag is designed to fit the contours of the MIL SPEC Picatinny rail, and it can be customized for other rail geometries. It can also be color-matched to the asset.

• The tag’s unique design makes it covert and difficult to detect visually. The design also makes it hard to remove without evidence of tampering.

• Because of placement on the underside of the firearm, the holder must point the barrel in the direction of the RFID reader, adding the benefit of safety.

• The tag is removable with proper tools for firearm decommissioning or repurposing.

Other Practical Applications

In addition to uses outlined for law enforcement agencies and military operations, the

SmartGuard Firearm Identification Tag presents new opportunities for shooting ranges, providing a swift and organized method for check-out and check-in of rental firearms, and daily inventory. The tag would also offer gun manufacturers and retailers a unique method of supply chain optimization, and could also be used by police precincts to track and protect confiscated weapons.

Inventory accuracy, speed, efficiency, and security are sure to benefit from this powerful new invention from LEID Products. Multiple applications make this firearm accessory tag a valuable new piece of technology. LEID Products continues to innovate in the field of security and tracking of sensitive assets.

Summary of the Invention

US Patent No. 10,830,548 B2, comprised of twenty-three clauses, is centered around a small trapezoidal housing that contains a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag. This tag is uniquely positioned between the lugs of a Picatinny accessory mounting rail on a pistol, rifle, or other asset that utilizes a similar rail. After programming with the asset’s unique serial number, the device can be tracked when activated by a transponder. At an inventory check point or armory, the asset can be scanned rapidly to either extract the weapon from its inventory location or return it to its location. An association with the authorized user can also be created for this transaction through a badge reader.

For more information, email Peter Kujawski, President, at [email protected], or call (888) 885-LEID