• January 4, 2023
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Adams County Library in Adams, Wisconsin, recently received their SmartAxess

Library Lockers, and Director, Erin Foley, had this to say, “We added the LEID

lockers to our library to increase our ability to help our community. Many of our

patrons cannot visit the library during regular business hours due to their work.

With 24/7 access, any card holder can have items placed in a locker for pickup

whenever it is convenient. For busy parents, materials can be retrieved easily and

quickly without taking kids out of car seats. We expect the winter weather will

make this a very popular option.”

As far as the locker hardware/software, library staff could not have been happier

with the install and LEID. Erin added “The structure is attractive and easy to

access. Installation was great. Trainers were well informed and pleasant. Lockers

have been in service now for 3 full months without a problem. The staff all agree

our LEID lockers were a great addition to the library.”